I felt like a flavoured milk one day, and spotted the new flavour from Oak – Jam Ball Donut.

I have reviewed Oak’s previous attempt at a doughnut-flavoured milk, and I wasn’t impressed. It was called Cinnamon Donut and didn’t taste like a cinnamon doughnut at all.

So the big question is: will this new one, the Jam Ball Donut flavour, taste like a jam ball doughnut?

The quick answer is no.

My taste buds searched for the jam flavour – couldn’t detect any.

What about the doughnut? Nope. Couldn’t spot that either.

It’s difficult to explain what it tasted like.

It wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be. But what flavour was it? I don’t know.

Which makes me wonder if the scientists at the Oak Institute For Milk Flavouring discover a flavour and give it a name, or whether they chose a name and try to create the flavour.

One thing I did notice was that this time they are consistent with their spelling of the word ‘donut’.

Obviously, like every other person on the planet, the person who writes the pack stories read the previous DomNuts article about how they spelled the word both ways, ‘doughnut’ and ‘donut’, on the pack. That person has corrected his or her error – you can thank DomNuts for that.

Something different this time around – on the front of the pack there are images of a whole lot of jam ball doughnuts, and at the bottom-left it says ‘Serving Suggestion’. (It’s difficult to see in the pic below) How can that be accurate?

Oak Jam Ball Donut flavoured milk is only available at Woolworths. Please let me know if you think it tastes like a jam ball doughnut.

Oak Jam Ball Donut flavoured milk