There are two bread stores in Mortdale, just a few doors from each other. Both have been there for decades.

My daughter and I went into French Hot Bread. She wanted some doughnut holes for a snack.

The same lady has been working in that store since the dawn of time, and hasn’t aged a day. She is always friendly yet super fast – she can serve a hundred people in under a minute and give each of them 5-star hotel quality service.

They sell a few different doughnuts, obviously there for kids – there are no adult flavours.

So we got 10 doughnut holes that were pre-packaged.

When you buy doughnuts from a suburban Vietnamese bread store it’s always going to be hit and miss. After all, their specialty is bread – not doughnuts. The doughnuts are just there so the kids will nag mum or dad for a treat (that’s happened to me too many times to remember).

These doughnuts weren’t too bad. They were soft and fresh.

My daughter said they were good, although she prefers cinnamon doughnuts that have a bit of that ‘straight out of the deep-fryer’ crunch.

She said the amount of cinnamon sugar coating they had was just right.

There aren’t too many other places in Mortdale to get a doughnut, so the French Hot Bread store is your answer.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why there are only 9 doughnut holes in the picture, someone munched on one before I could take a photo (not me).

French Hot Bread, Mortdale