Clemton Park Cake Shop is a great little store hidden away in Sydney suburbia with lots of treats to choose from. Their Cream Bun is so good that I had to mention it in my last review about their Chocolate Doughnut.

I took a second trip to Clemton Park Cake Shop to pick up a Vanilla Slice, Custard Tart and a Custard Doughnut. My daughter snapped up the Vanilla Slice, so I was left with the Custard Tart and Doughnut.

Just quickly, the Custard Tart was of the baked variety with a homestyle pastry and eggy custard. It’s not the type you might imagine when you first think of custard tarts – well, not to me. But, in their variation of a custard tart, it was excellent.

The Custard Doughnut was also good.

I can only guess that the custard was homemade because pretty much everything at Clemton Park Cake Shop is made from scratch.

The dough is cake-like rather than yeast-raised. So it’s a little bit different to your standard Custard Doughnut.

It was covered in soft sugar, but by the time I had it, humidity had caused the sugar to glaze. You can see the difference between the photo taken in the store and the photos taken at home on my plate.

Clemton Park Cake Shop is definitely worth a visit.

Clemton Park Cake Shop

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