I’ve been promising myself a trip to Clemton Park Cake Shop for a while and finally got around to it. Clemton Park is a little-known suburb near Kingsgrove and Earlwood. The bakery is one of those hidden gems that the locals know of and seem to keep secret.

You see, Clemton Park Cake Shop is one of the few old-skool bakeries left in Sydney. You’ll get homemade meat pies, finger buns, meringues and their signature cake – cream buns.

I even saw the local bus driver park his bus and go get himself a meat pie. Who could blame him?

I got a chocolate doughnut, but I couldn’t resist getting one of their amazing cream buns as well. I know a cream bun isn’t a doughnut, but I simply had to talk about it.

The cream bun was just like the school tuck-shop cream bun. Same cream, same jam, same dough, and for goodness sakes, they even had a few raisins in them like authentic cream buns from decades ago. These are winners. If you crave a cream bun like you used to get, visit Clemton Park Cake Shop.

Their doughnut selection was a bit limited and obviously for kids. There were 3 flavours and each of them had sprinkles on top. I’d love to see them do some flavours that appeal more to adults, like a pineapple doughnut or some with more elaborate toppings.

The doughnut was cake-style, soft and airy. I asked the girl serving me if they were made at the store and she replied yes. It seems like everything there is made out the back – just like a genuine old-skool bakery. You’ve gotta love that.

I’d love to see Clemton Park Bakery do other old favourites like a vanilla slice and custard tart*. If they did, I’d certainly be there as often as the bus driver.

Clemton Park Cake Shop

*The good people from Clemton Park Cake Shop contacted me to let me know that they do in fact make vanilla slices and custard tarts. I’ll be going back to try them.

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