I’m always on the lookout for interesting news from the doughnut world.

I have to say my jaw dropped when I stumbled upon a doughnut recipe at the Estée Lauder website. I’m serious!

To prove I’m not kidding, here it is:

Estée Lauder Glazed Doughnut Recipe

Somehow, they manage to tie in doughnuts to one of their products. Hilarious.

If you’re planning on making some Estée Lauder doughnuts, be sure to scroll to the right to get the glaze recipes.

It is the American website, not the Australian website, so maybe that explains it, you know, Americans being more doughnut-obsessed than Aussies.

I’m going to search around a few other fashion brands and see if anyone else can give us something obscurely doughnut-related.

A doughnut perfume or cologne, perhaps?

Or doughnut fashion, like, say, footwear?

Stay tuned, this could be fun.