Baked Patisserie at Kirrawee is famous for their cronuts. Kirrawee is in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, in case you’re wondering.

Everything in their store is made right there, and you can see the kitchen and the baking going on.

They told me the cronut I was looking at was Vanilla Slice – how could I say no?!

I’ve had vanilla slices (love them). I’ve had vanilla slice doughnuts. But I’ve never had a vanilla slice cronut.

I thought it was going to be interesting to see how they give a cronut the flavour of vanilla slice.

Firstly, that disk on top is flakey pastry. It’s glazed so it’s a little bit sweet.

The flakey pastry adheres to the cronut with the help of some icing. It’s plain vanilla icing. I’d love this to be passionfruit flavour like an old-time vanilla slice.

The cronut pastry is good. Baked Patisserie has been making them for years and they know what they’re doing. I know it’s a difficult pastry to make and they do an excellent job.

The cronut is filled with vanilla custard to complete the vanilla slice effect. It’s runnier than what you’d find in your usual vanilla slice, but it’s good creamy custard.

As a cronut, it is lovely. But does it remind me of a vanilla slice? Well, just. The flakey pastry, icing and custard are all there. They just don’t quite match the traditional vanilla slice. Is that a criticism? Not really.

I’m not sure if Baked Patisserie rotate the flavours of their cronuts, but the vanilla slice is the pick of the ones for me. And apparently it’s their best seller among the cronut range.

Baked Patisserie

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