Well, here’s a place I’ve been trying to review for quite some time: Baked Patisserie in Kareela. If you don’t know where Kareela is, that would make you among the 99% of Sydney-siders who don’t. Kareela is not far from Sutherland in Sydney’s south. They also call their address Kirrawee, which might be a bit more familiar to those outside the Shire.

The store itself is hidden among a small group of shops with homes and industrial sites. So make sure you’ve got your GPS in full swing if you plan going there. When they chose that position, it sure wasn’t to take advantage of passing traffic.

Baked Patisserie is a small cafe with a selection of cakes and pastries made right there at Kareela. They became famous for their cronuts because, if I’m not mistaken, they were one of the first places to make them in Sydney – but don’t quote me on that.

Now, another thing to remember is that they don’t make cronuts every day. This has brought me unstuck once before when I made a special trip out there only to be told they didn’t make them on that day of the week. But I can’t remember what day that was and they don’t seem to announce it anywhere. This time, I went on a Thursday morning and they had them – so there’s one day out of seven you can try with success.

They had three cronut variations and two doughnut flavours in the cabinet. I went with 2 cronuts, and the one I’ll talk about in this post is the Salted Caramel Cronut.

It was, in a word, divine.

From the top down: it had mini Maltesers sitting on top of a delicately soft icing. The cronut pastry was oily and delicious and had a little bit of a coating of sugar crystals. It was filled with a creamy custard surprise that oozed out when I bit into it.

The cronut itself was small, but I feel it was adequate. Those commercially made cronuts end up being too big. And nowhere near as tasty.

I think it was the custard filling that made it special.

The journey was well worth it to experience this delightful piece.

Baked Patisserie