I’m quite convinced that my family are trying to kill me – slowly but surely.

I have the evidence. Well, I had it, but I’m consuming it… just the way they planned.

Here’s how I know: for Father’s Day, they gave me a box of 10 doughnuts.


I can see through their cunning plan. Feed me an excess of something I can’t resist. Something that will clog my arteries and kill me. I’m eating the murder weapon so the evidence will never be found.

Death by doughnut – ingenious.

Here’s a clip from an episode of The Simpsons that is along the same lines, where Homer is force-fed doughnuts as Ironic Punishment in hell.

Anyway, the doughnuts I got were from Dr Dough Donuts.

I received the Father’s Day Classic Dr Dough Donut Box.

I noticed that the image on the website shows a slightly different selection to the ones I received. The ones received were somewhat plainer. You compare.

I am enjoying my Father’s Day gift.

And I’m sure my family are rubbing their hands together, knowing I’ve fallen for their devious plan.

Dr Dough Donuts

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