‘Collaboration’ is the buzzword of the times. It used to be known as a ‘partnership’ – not any more. ‘Collaboration’ is your term.

Which brings me to a doughnut collaboration. This one is produced by Bigg Brownies and Donut Papi. The doughnut is made by Donut Papi and topping by Bigg Brownies.

I got my partnership- sorry, collaboration doughnut, called ‘Bigg Nuts’, from the Bigg Brownies market stand at Peakhurst Foodies Markets, which are held every Saturday.

I was listening to a guy from Bigg Brownies explaining to a lady how the collaboration worked. Unfortunately the lady was butting in so often that the guy got totally confused. In the end, I’m not sure if Donut Papi put the Bigg Brownies topping on or if Bigg Brownies got the doughnuts from Donut Papi and put their own topping on.

Either way, the end result is the same. It’s a Donut Papi doughnut with Bigg Brownies topping.

Their were 2 flavours – I chose Caramel Banana.

It certainly looked impressive.

Slivers of hard caramel, dried banana chips and pieces of brownie sat on a soft caramel icing. There was loads of the topping and at $8 a pop, there’d want to be. The doughnut was the signature plump, soft and airy Donut Papi style.

It was pretty good and a meal in itself.

I didn’t recognise the caramel slivers, but they had a marbled chocolate and gold effect. Very impressive.

As I said above, I got the doughnut from Bigg Brownies. I don’t know if Donut Papi also sells it at their Redfern shop or if it is a Bigg Brownies exclusive.

At the time, the Bigg Brownies guy said it was a once-off, but it must be popular because it’s been back.

Bigg Brownies

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