Alevri in Roselands is one of two outlets for the Greek bakery/cafe – the other being at Dulwich Hill.

I did a bit of snooping and discovered that they do a Greek doughnut. So I set my sights on getting to the Roselands outlet.

Alevri has tables for sit down cafe service, plus they offer some delicious-looking Greek foods, mainly savoury.

When it comes to Greek doughnuts, there seem to be two types. One is the large sugar-coated doughnut. The other is loukoumades, the deep fried little balls of dough.

Alevri at Roselands only had the large Sugar Doughnut, although they did have a sign saying ‘loukoumades’.

The large Sugar Doughnut was very good.

A little different from other Greek sugar doughnuts I’ve had, this one had a smoother shell than the others.

It was coated in loads of fine white sugar. This meant the dough had to be pretty good, because it didn’t have any other flavours, such as icing or custard, to disguise the dough.

The dough was spongy, something I like very much in my doughnut, as long as it’s fresh. This one was indeed fresh. It’s very similar to a pretzel.

This is the sort of doughnut I imagine as being perfect with a morning coffee. Not overly sweet with rich icing, and not over the top with fancy decorations and pimping. Just a good, solid doughnut.


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