My daughter recently broke through the travel restrictions (legally) and travelled from Melbourne to Sydney. Knowing she wouldn’t be allowed in the door without doughnuts from Melbourne, she bought six from a place called Goldeluck’s Doughnuts.

I keep staring at the name – Goldeluck’s.

Is it Goldilock’s?

Is it Gold Deluxe?

Is it Goldie Luck’s?

What does it mean?

This is how 6 of my 7 my doughnuts looked when they left Melbourne

This is from their website:
Goldeluck’s Doughnuts was established in 2018 by Phillip Kuoch and has since then become the most exciting new doughnut brand in Melbourne.

In 2015, Phillip’s parents were just weeks away from taking the biggest risk of their lives by signing the purchase of their first bakery business called Goldeluck’s Bakeshop. But then his dad’s medical condition got worst. His parents were about to give up on their dreams of running a successful bakery and then Phillip offered to step in and run the business on his parent’s behalf.

At the age of 21 and still finishing his marketing and journalism degree, Phillip took control of his parent’s business with no business and little-to-no baking experience. He would start work at midnight to learn how to bake and during the day, he would operate the business to ensure that he learnt every aspect of the business.

Less than a year later, Phillip entered Goldeluck’s Bakeshop into the National Baking Competition and was awarded Bronze for the Best Traditional Meat Pasties. This not only was evident of Phillip’s hard work but it fueled (sic) him with even more passion for his baking.

The story doesn’t end there. In 2016, they unveiled their invention called a ‘dossant’ – a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Hang on. That’s been done – cronut. Maybe it’s different. I don’t know.

Back to the point and I’m none the wiser about the name.

Anyway, my doughnuts from Melbourne didn’t travel too well, unfortunately. They got smooshed and smushed – they’re the technical terms.

But I will point out that while my daughter ordered 6, they gave her an extra one. So that’s 7 doughnuts for me. 7 smooshed and smushed doughnuts.

But by golly those smooshed and smushed doughnuts were good.

Their website doesn’t list the flavours of individual doughnuts, so I’ll have to go by memory and a little bit of creativity.

Firstly, the dough was the same in them all and they all had the same custard filling – well, I think it was. Sometimes is was hard to tell if the custard belonged to the doughnut I was eating.

Creme Brulee Doughnut

The first one I tried was a Creme Brulee Doughnut. It had a burnt sugar topping and was probably my favourite.

I also had a Golden Gaytime Doughnut. Unfortunately the Golden, the Gaytime and the Doughnut had parted company.

There was a chocolate one that had Hundreds & Thousands on top, but by the time I got it they had all pretty much coagulated into a big One.

Another had a Corinthian wafer biscuit on top, so let’s call that one the New Testament Doughnut. Sadly, the Corinthian had become soggy and lost all its crispiness and looked more like a striped rubber hose.

As I said, the doughnuts were very nice. The texture of the dough was nice and spongy, which is my favourite type. And considering the travel problems, stood up quite well.

The toppings and fillings were also good, even though a lot of them had left their homes and randomly searched for other places to lay their hats.

Goldeluck’s has 3 outlets in Melbourne, or you can order online. If you like custard doughnuts and you’re in Melbourne, these are a good option. And I’d like to try their dossant.

Goldeluck’s Doughnuts

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