When I asked what the name was of the doughnut I was pointing to, the Simon Says person told me: Browned Butter Scotch Finger.

Now, there are a few ways you can interpret that name, depending on where your focus lies.

I heard ‘Browned Butter’.

But you could also take out ‘Butter Scotch’.

Others might have heard ‘Scotch Finger’ (for non-Aussies reading this, a Scotch Finger is a famous shortbread biscuit that only grandparents keep in the cupboard).

I think the name is deliberately ambiguous.

Here’s how the Simon Says website describes this doughnut:
Level up your tea-game and bring home the ultimate companion to your cuppa with this Scotch Finger and Brown Butter bad-boy. If you want to give someone the finger, make it this true Australian classic.

Humour with attitude. I like it. Although calling something a ‘bad-boy’ is used far too often. And let’s face it, this doughnut isn’t really a bad-boy at all. With Scotch Finger as a key ingredient, it’s more like an old-boy.

I liked this doughnut probably the most out of the four that I bought. It was sweet but not overly sugary.

The biscuit crumbs were very fine and gave the topping a different dimension to the standard icing with crumble.

So, I guess the most correct take-out from the name is the ‘Scotch Finger’ part.

Simon Says Donuts

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