This is the first time I have tried a doughnut from Simon Says Donuts. I got it at Peakhurst Foodies Market.

Simon Says has been a quiet player in the Sydney doughnut scene, popping up at markets and doing online orders just once a week and by delivery. In fact, they seem to keep their whereabouts secret. When I asked the woman at the market stall where they were based, she skirted around the question.

I don’t really think they are doing themselves any favours by being so secretive.

Among the ones I bought was an Original Glaze doughnut.

They say they make their doughnuts from scratch so they don’t use a pre-mixed flour. That’s impressive, especially for a market doughnut stall.

The doughnut was very good.

Fresh and soft and fluffy – their secret recipe is a good one.

The glaze was nice too. It was typical of what you’d call original glaze, or some might call ‘plain’. It was sweet without being sickly.

I think that just knowing it’s made from scratch makes it nicer.

Well done, Simon Says. I’ll be back for more.

Simon Says Donuts