Last week, I posted a story that all Walker’s Doughnuts stores in Sydney had closed permanently. It prompted the owners, Jim and Rosie Walker, to contact me to set the record straight.

A brief background: they operate the business in Melbourne, Victoria, where Walker’s is an institution. Wanting to expand, they sold the license to a third party to operate in New South Wales.

About 6 stores and pop-ups were doing business in Sydney, beginning with the Darling Harbour store that opened about 18 months ago. But as I said last week, all the Sydney stores recently, suddenly closed. Not much was said, except on DomNuts, of course.

The Walker’s website, under NSW, says:
Our Sydney operation, which is handled by a licensed operator, is in the process of restructuring and we plan to be trading as normal very soon. Watch this space!

And following my chat with Jim, that’s about as much as I can tell you at this stage.

The official line is: Watch this space.

I was under the impression that the stores may have been under-performing. However, that’s not the case, especially regarding the Darling Harbour store.

Jim is very keen to get Walker’s Doughnuts stores back up and operating again in New South Wales. It is only the COVID restrictions that we’re currently under that have delayed those plans.

I can also tell you that Jim Walker is happy to use DomNuts to funnel information to the many adoring Sydney fans of Walker’s Doughnuts.

So, watch THIS space!

I hope the Walkers can overcome the obstacles and give Sydney more quality doughnut stores in the near future.

Walker’s Doughnuts