It’s funny, but I’ve never had a McDonald’s Cafe doughnut.

I guess it’s because I rarely go to a McDonald’s Cafe. The coffee is not that good. This is despite their claims that they have Australia’s favourite coffee. Apparently, McDonald’s sells more coffee than anyone else. And their line at the moment is, “We’re coffee people”, trying to convince us that if you want your morning coffee you’ll be better off going to McDonald’s than the local cafe with a friendly, highly trained and experienced barista.

I suppose if you have as many outlets as McDonald’s, you’re going to sell more of anything if you market it right.

One thing they don’t market too well is their doughnuts.

In fact, they seem to be disappearing from their McCafes.

I should try one of their doughnuts one day, just to see how they compare. When I was in Melbourne, about to fly home to Sydney, I checked out the doughnuts at the Airport’s McCafe.

Should I get one?

Nah. I reckon their doughnuts are on par with their coffee.

McDonald’s Doughnuts

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