Here’s a sign of the times…

I have visited The Bakehouse at Menai several times since they opened and have never seen a doughnut.

And then, bingo, one day, doughnuts!

The Bakehouse, Menai
The Bakehouse, Menai

I’m telling you, doughnuts are spreading. They are becoming more acceptable as a treat instead of just being something you give to kids to shut them up (or to me to shut me up). Perhaps it’s the power of this blog, DomNuts, Sydney’s best doughnuts… and then some.

The other thing about this is that it is clear the Sutherland Shire, once a doughnut wasteland, is picking up its doughnut game.

The Bakehouse has only been open for about 18 months and I’ve kept a close eye on it.

The one thing that concerns me is that they don’t display their lovely goods in a hygienic manner. They have fallen into that trap where bakeries and cafés feel they need to display things uncovered – it makes them look rustic and homemade.

There are health regulations about the display of food, but they are vaguely worded. I think the regulations should be a lot tighter.

Anyway, I got a plain cinnamon doughnut. They also had jam-filled and Nutella-filled doughnuts.

It was predictable, but in a good way. Chewy dough perfectly cooked. A nice cinnamon sugar coating – not too much, not too little. Very bread-like, as bread bakeries will often do.

The Bakehouse, Menai
Perfectly cooked ball doughnut from The Bakehouse

There are still precious few doughnuts in the Menai area. There’s a Donut King and the full range of supermarkets. But this is the first truly decent doughnut I’ve found in this part of the Shire.

Well done to The Bakehouse.

Their website’s a bit out of date – it says they do markets and there is a shop coming soon. They also have “Premisis coming soon” – ooh, the grammar police are in pain.

The Bakehouse