I don’t ever let a chance go by, no, I don’t.

So when I visited Revesby in Sydney’s south recently, I naturally hunted around for a doughnut.

There is no shortage of cafés in Revesby, but not many places where I could find what I was searching for.

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
Revesby Bakery

I passed a Vietnamese Bakery, simply called Revesby Bakery, but I didn’t go in. I don’t normally get things from Vietnamese bakeries.

I walked all over the place, leaving no stone unturned. Why I bothered looking under stones for a doughnut, I simply can’t answer.

I went back to Revesby Bakery. I thought, “okay, I’m going to give you a go”.

Normally in a Vietnamese bakery you only get small doughnuts, because they are for kids. But…

I noticed some big doughnuts. Adult man-sized doughnuts, although one was pink with freckles on it, I guess that’s an adult woman-sized doughnut.

One had passionfruit icing. Yes, please!

And guess what? It wasn’t too bad. The icing was very soft and stuck to the bag and I got it all over my fingers while I was eating it.

The dough was delightfully chewy, and the icing had a nice passionfruit tang to it, like it was homemade.

Thank you, Revesby Bakery, for saving the day.

DomNuts Sydneys best doughnuts
Chomp, chomp, chomp

Revesby Bakery