Sydney's best doughnuts
Short Stop at Barangaroo

Short Stop at Barangaroo has a good reputation. And deservedly so. Their doughnuts are pretty good. And the service is always friendly.

They have a good selection of flavours, but there are a few that don’t appeal to me at all: Triple Matcha, Earl Grey & Rose, Lemon & Poppy Seed. I guess someone must like them or they wouldn’t keep making them.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Take your pick

I was in Barangaroo one day and a friend said to me that he was going to Short Stop on the way to work. I was like Pavlov’s dog – instantly drooling and with a hunger for a Short Stop doughnut. I have been before, but the sense of FOMO on this occasion was overwhelming.

I chose the Passionfruit Iced Doughnut. It was big and looked a dream. And the taste lived up to its appearance.

Sydney's best doughnuts
A big, bold and beautiful doughnut

It was beautifully soft, although just a bit too oily.

The passionfruit icing was spot on – with that unmistakable tang you only get with passionfruit.

Sydney's best doughnuts
How could I resist that?!
Sydney's best doughnuts
So so so very nice

I really wanted to try the Maple Bacon, but they had run out.

Sydney's best doughnuts

My friend, mentioned above who went earlier than I did, got a Maple Bacon. I asked him to let me know what he thought. Here’s what he said:

The donut itself was good. A bit greasy. Not sure if it was the oil or the glazing….maybe a combination.
The most memorable thing about it was the bacon pieces which I ate separately as I found the flavours clashed with the donut.
It didn’t work for me as a combination. The Maple Walnut and Brown Butter is still my favourite.
Upon reflection, the sweet and savoury tastes competed with each other and wasn’t for me.

If you find yourself in Barangaroo, Short Stop is a must.

The big question is: Which doughnut do you get?

Short Stop

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