I recently posted about the Honeycomb Doughnut I got at la lapa in the South Melbourne Markets.

This time, I want to talk about their Custard Doughnut.

The choice of doughnuts at la lapa was staggering. Not only that, but they had many of each variety. They also had a few other pastries. But it’s clear that it’s the doughnuts that people line up for.

Like the Honeycomb Doughnut, the Custard Doughnut was excellent.

The custard was just the right consistency. Not too thick, not too runny. And the same goes for the sweetness of the custard. And the ratio of custard to dough was also spot on.

It was dusted in a generous coating of powered sugar, although it wasn’t too sweet.

The dough was nice and soft.

Custard doughnuts are one of my favourites and this one didn’t let me down. All up, a glorious doughnut.

la lapa, South Melbourne Markets

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