It’s always sad to see a good business shut down. Sydney Doughnut Co. released a statement on 18 January 2019 announcing that they have decided to call it quits.

I can certainly sympathise with them, finding myself also out of work after the company I worked for recently closed down.

Sydney's best doughnuts

Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to trying their doughnuts. 

The Padstow company was run by a couple of friends, Adrian Tassone and Michael Dinoris. I followed them on social media for a long time, and now I regret not trying their doughnuts.

Sydney's best doughnuts

I have absolutely no inside information as to why they are closing but I can only assume.

Running any small business in this day and age is tough. You have to not only produce excellent products and provide outstanding service, you also have to be obsessed with social media and devise ways to constantly grow your following. That’s not easy for someone who is focussed on the product. A business model like Sydney Doughnut Co. is going to live and die by social media.

Sydney's best doughnuts

As far as I know, they didn’t supply to cafes and shops. Nor did they have a market stand. These are ways other small doughnut businesses thrive and survive.

Another apparent problem is that you could only order doughnuts from them in lots of at least 12. That’s the reason why I never got to try them. I simply have no use for a dozen doughnuts. 

Sydney's best doughnuts
A shot from their social media output

I hope Adrian and Michael go on to other things and make the most of their skills.

Sydney Doughnut Co.