Sydney's best doughnuts
Figtree Grove

When I was in Figtree on the lovely NSW south coast, I spotted a place selling doggie treats that looked delicious. Especially the doughnut ones.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Quirky Pieces

It was a little gift stall by the name of Quirky Pieces. The doggie treats caught my eye.

Someone puts a lot of effort into making sure these things look fantastic.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Looks too good

I suppose when you think about it, the owner buys the food for the pet, so if it looks appealing to the owner, there’s a good chance they’ll buy it.

Okay, it looks good. But what did the dog think?

The dog liked it.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Doughnut doggie treat

I’d like to know what the ingredients are, not because I want to make it myself, but so I know what my dog is eating.

It is a very hard biscuit. I’m hoping that because it is so crusty it will be good for her teeth.

My dog is a smaller breed, so I only gave her half at a time. (The treat was already snapped in half by the time I got around to taking some photos).

The makers of the doggie treats are The Fat Dog Healthy Dog Treat Company. They sell all sorts of things for dogs, which they say are 100% healthy.

the fat dog

It all seems reasonably priced too.

Sydney's best doughnuts
One tough doggie treat

They could do a bit of work on their website because when there are sections where you read ‘lorem ipsum’, you know that someone hasn’t quite finished their job.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Someone needs to finish this

The Fat Dog Healthy Dog Treat Company

Quirky Pieces

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