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The Donut Dealer truck

This is my second post about The Donut Dealer – a food truck business that pops up at markets and events.

In my first post, I mentioned that rather than make the doughnuts themselves, I suspect they use commercially made doughnuts and cronuts and fill or decorate them – whatever the case may be.

I will stress, this isn’t anything bad. It’s just that I don’t want commercially made doughnuts. And it’s good to be informed.

My suspicions were all but confirmed when I spotted a note about the business being for sale at

Here’s the post:

GG 3 ad for sale

The key giveaway is at the top:

Successful donut retailer, with NO experience required in pastry making or cooking!

The only one way to take over a doughnut business without knowing how to cook is if you don’t have to.

I don’t know how old the For Sale post is, but it seems current.

Something else …

The Donut Dealer

I picked up one of their brochures. Their slogan is “For the purest sugar high”.

Where did they get that line from?

I stop at the word ‘purest’. Of all the words, they chose one that doesn’t match their company. There’s nothing ‘pure’ about their doughnuts, cronuts or the toppings they put on them.

I can think of dozens of other words that would have been more appropriate than ‘purest’.

jam a truck 3


I got a Golden Gaytime Donut.

GG both cut 2

For those who aren’t aware (and I do have overseas readers), a Golden Gaytime is a very popular ice cream here in Australia that apparently has been around since 1959. The Golden Gaytime has become somewhat of a summer icon in this country.

The Golden Gaytime Donut had a caramel filling and more caramel on top with biscuit crumbs sticking to it.

It was okay, but I still have an issue with commercially made doughnuts.

The Donut Dealer
Golden Gaytime Doughnut

I’m sure The Donut Dealer’s doughnuts and cronuts are popular and they look spectacular.

But not my cup of tea.

The Donut Dealer