The Donut Dealer
Good looking choice

The Donut Dealer doesn’t have a fixed store. They are one of those companies who travel around to markets and events with their food truck.

I visited The Donut Dealer when their food truck visited Panania Diggers Club. The club was renovating the dining area, so they got some food trucks in the fill the void.

The Donut Dealer’s window was choc-a-bloc with delicious looking doughnuts and cronuts. Slightly expensive but appealing all the same.

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Jam Doughnut at front… obviously

I got a jam doughnut and a gaytime doughnut. This review is about the jam doughnut.

I gave the cronuts a miss because, firstly they were too expensive and second the toppings were all things that you can buy in a supermarket: Twix, Picnic, Kit Kat, Oreo, M&Ms, Royal biscuits – nothing unique here.

The Donut Dealer
Well it looks pretty darn good

My first bite raised suspicions…

They are commercially made doughnuts to which they add their own fillings and toppings.

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, if I go to a sandwich shop I hardly expect the bread to be baked out the back. I just expected the doughnuts to have been made by The Donut Dealer from scratch.

Maybe a clue is in the name – ‘The Donut Dealer’ – like an on-seller of doughnuts.

So, the doughnut itself wasn’t anything to rave about. What about the filling?

The Donut Dealer
Good lot of jam

I guess it too was a commercially made jam, although I didn’t recognise it. It was nice enough and was a certain distraction from the doughnut.

This one comes under the heading of ‘live and learn’.

The Donut Dealer