Jam Filled Doughnut @ Loop-Line Pies, Thirlmere

Thirlmere? Where on earth is Thirlmere? Do they have doughnuts in Thirlmere?

Thirlmere is a quaint little semi-rural town just south of Sydney. It’s got a railway museum and a few shops. When a train goes through, a couple of guys manually put the barriers across the tracks to stop vehicles crossing. What an unusual job. What do they do between trains?

Loop-Line Pies, Thirlmere
Mr Line, please

And speaking of trains, apparently the Picton Loop Line was the name of a train line that ran through Thirlmere. Hence the name of the bakery – Loop-Line Pies. Unless of course the owner just happened to be named Loop Line.

When I went in, I asked to see Mr Line, but they thought I was loopy.

Okay, corny jokes aside, they do have doughnuts and I bought a jam-filled doughnut.

It was very bread-like – soft and chewy. Had plenty of raspberry jam. And a generous coating of sugar.

I liked it.

Loop Line Pies, Thirlmere
Good value, them doughnuts

They had plain cinnamon and iced doughnuts as well, so next time you’re in Thirlmere, give them a visit.

Loop Line Pies, Thirlmere
Hi guys, mind if I take your photo?

I had to be very discreet when taking photos. There were some ominous looking bikers outside who were at least twice my size. I hoped they understood that my pictures would end up on a worthy and notable website called DomNuts, Sydney’s best doughnuts… and then some.

I was sure they’d be comfortable with it.

Loop Line Pies