On National Doughnut Day, 1 June 2018, I happened to be flying out of Sydney, so I waltzed over to the Krispy Kreme outlet at the domestic terminal and collected my free glazed doughnut.


The guy behind the counter was more than happy to hand over a free doughnut without any purchase. He was offering a free doughnut to people as they bought other things too. What a good guy.

In my earlier post about National Doughnut Day, I said I tried to contact Krispy Kreme to ask why they don’t use National Doughnut Day to support the Salvation Army like they do in America. I made the mistake of using the contact page on the KK website. It’s obviously not given any attention. My guess is that the person who once looked after it by having the messages directed to their email address has left the company and no one thought to take it up, making it an abandoned message system.

So when I hadn’t heard from them after almost two weeks, I thought I had better contact them through social media.


Sure enough, within minutes of posting a message to KK through their Facebook page, I got a response. I put the question to them – Is there any reason why KK does not use National Doughnut Day to support the Salvation Army like KK does in America? The response I got was: It’s something we’ll definitely consider for next year.

It’s a nice response but left me a little short. I mean, it’s the Social Media Team getting back to me with that response, not management. I feel like it was just a good way to skirt around the issue but ultimately will go no further.

I don’t mean to sound expectant – after all, if they don’t want to support the Salvos on that day, it’s up to them. We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not supporting a charity. I’d just like an answer. No one else appears to use National Doughnut Day to support a charity, so why should they?

So, it looks like I’ll have to wait a year to see if Krispy Kreme actually does use National Doughnut Day to support the Salvos next year.

In other news, in the days leading up to National Doughnut Day, other doughnut shops jumped on the bandwagon to promote themselves on social media. Donut Bomb at Liverpool gave away 500 Nutella Doughnuts but most of the others didn’t do too much different to the average day.

I saw the Channel Seven morning show, Sunrise, was actively promoting the day, but then they’ll use anything to make one show different from the next.

I hope you had a good National Doughnut Day. I have a feeling it’s going to get bigger in the coming years.