Doughnuts, but nothing special @ Timboon, Victoria

I think I once knew a guy named Tim Boon. Or was that Tim Bourne? Or Tom Bine? Not sure. Let’s call him Timbo.

This place had potential in the doughnut possibilities. It’s in an area that attracts food lovers. I love doughnuts. Doughnuts are food. I’m a food lover.

Timboon has a bakery, but the doughnuts are afterthoughts. A few cinnamon and a few iced. That’s it.

There’s an awesome ice-creamery, and also in Timboon I picked some strawberries at the strawberry farm – without question the most delicious strawberries I’ve ever had. Got some cheese at a cheesery or two along the way too.

There’s also a distillery that is pretty popular.

A bakery, ice-creamery, strawberryery, cheesery, distillery… but there is no doughnutery.

Like I said, it’s an area that attracts food lovers, but doughnut lovers will just have to broaden their horizons when visiting Tim Bourne.

The journey continues…