Krispy Kreme recently launched an official Simpson’s Doughnut, which is call a D’ohnut.

Makes you wonder why no one has done it before – it’s not like the Simpsons is shy on marketing and merchandise. Actually, it has been done in America – I saw them in Krustyland at Universal Studios, but no one has done them officially in Australia.

One of my daughters thought this was the perfect time for me to have another try of a Krispy Kreme Doughnut. I’m not a fan of their doughnuts and haven’t had one for years. I am however a big fan of The Simpsons. She passes a KK store on her way to college, so she got me a D’ohnut.

KK store 01

They are obviously popular because they have more trays on display in the store of the D’ohnut than any other doughnut.

They are only available during April.

The verdict…

Not bad – better than I remembered. Or have they changed recipe?

It is very sweet – sickeningly sweet. It’s like there the dough has been sweetened and the icing makes it even sweeter. There appears to be a glazing under the pink icing, so it falls off easily.

Simpsons 07

My other daughter made the comment that the icing has a strawberry flavour rather than just a generic flavour that you sometimes get with pink icing.

The sprinkles are a bit sparse. I think they need more to achieve the correct Simpsons effect. Pictures of them on the KK website show a better amount of sprinkles than the one my daughter bought.

Simpsons 01

Well, I’m pleased I’ve tried a KK doughnut again after all these years.

Krispy Kreme