Italian doughnuts are different.

Thicker, denser, richer. They come with Continental swagger. “You can eat me, but you’re not gonna forget about me.”

And I was delighted to try a selection from the Italian Patisserie in Cammeray called Maggio’s Café.

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
A nice selection from Maggio’s

Maggio’s is run by some Sicilian guys, and let’s not beat around the bush, some of the world’s best pastries come from Sicily. I can say that proudly being part Sicilian.

By all reports, Maggio’s does an excellent job of bringing a taste of Sicily to Sydney.

First up is the Nutella filled doughnut.

I tried to cut the doughnut into pieces to share, as I often do with doughnuts. (Surely you don’t think I eat 100% of the doughnuts I write about!) Nutella, being what it is, stuck to the knife, which made dividing it difficult. And there is a First World problem if ever I heard one.

The doughnut was brilliantly in the Italian style mentioned above. Being deep fried makes it dense, moist and full of flavour. It contrasts delightfully with the filling.

DomNuts Sydney'sst dougnuts
Uncooperative Nutella

If you’ve never had a traditional Italian doughnut, do yourself a favour. Go to Maggio’s.

They need to do a lot of work on their web presence, because their website says a new one is coming soon (okay) and that they are relocating premises in October 2016, which is now 18 months ago.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page instead.

Maggio’s Cafe