Forster is a beautiful town on the NSW mid-north coast in the Great Lakes region and is half of the twin towns of Forster Tuncurry. The beaches are huge and spectacular, the water is sky blue and driving over the bridge that joins the two towns can be a delight and a nightmare at the same time, one for the view, the other for the traffic. You can often see dolphins playing in the lake.

But try and get a decent doughnut. Good luck.


There’s Woolworths and Coles, but who wants their doughnuts?



There’s Forster Bakehouse around the back of the Wharf Street (main street) shops. I got a cinnamon doughnut there.


The doughnuts are a real afterthought and over-priced. Obviously, they don’t have a huge demand for them, and they look like they are strictly for kids.


There’s also Donut King in Stocklands Shopping Mall. But I don’t do Donut King.

How about Forster Keys? There’s Lakesway Bakery. I got a chocolate doughnut, but like Forster Bakehouse, they are strictly for the kids. It’s almost like there should be a sign on them – “Oi, adults, these are not for you”. At least the pricing was reasonable. 90c for a cinnamon and $1 for a doughnut with either pink icing and sprinkles or chocolate icing and sprinkles, which is what I got. And it was alright.



What about Tuncurry?


Butterfingers Bakery – nothing!

Colleen’s Bakery – nothing!

Golden Gate Bakery – also nothing!

The closest thing to a doughnut in Tuncurry is a calamari ring from the Seafood Co-op. Add a bit of chocolate icing and some sprinkles and you got yourself a seafood doughnut…

What about down by Forster Beach?

Hold me back, what’s that? A new café called Wingman and they sell… cronuts. With Nutella.


After all that I didn’t get one. I didn’t feel like paying a premium price for a cronut sliced in half with a smattering of Nutella in it just because I could eat it while looking at the ocean.

But at least you know that there is some hope after all.