Mini Chocolate Doughnut @ Hank’s Bakery, O’Halloran Hill, South Australia

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason we had to go to O’Halloran Hill – about a half an hour’s drive south of Adelaide – and it wasn’t for the doughnuts… something about “spray tans for the wedding, blah blah blah”.

What’s at O’Halloran Hill – a place no one has ever heard of, been to or even wanted to go near? A run-down shopping mall amid other run-down businesses. Something tells me O’Halloran Hill is not South Australia’s finest.

It’s quiet and dingy. The shops are on one side of the highway and farmland on the other. Many shops are empty. Those that exist are typical country businesses – beauty salons, real estates, deli, a $2 shop, Subway…

So while the females of my family got spray-tanned, I went hunting for the best doughnut in the district. Or perhaps any doughnut at all.

Surprisingly, I found one.

Hank’s Bakery looks like it has been there unchanged since the 1970s. The online comments about Hank’s vary from one extreme to the other – some calling it the best ever bakery to others saying it’s a disgrace. It appears their Vietnamese Rolls draw the crowds.

It was the late in the afternoon and they had their sweet pastries reduced. A few doughnuts sat in the display case. I bought a mini chocolate doughnut. For a ‘mini’ it is actually bigger than the doughnuts you get ripped off with at Donut King.

How was it? Well, you know, it wasn’t too bad. It was a bit tough and chewy, but I’ll cut it a bit of slack considering it was the end of the day and was probably cooked several hours earlier.

The dough had a strange sour after taste that I didn’t like. Perhaps it was the oil it was cooked in.

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O’Halloran Hill Mini Chocolate – not too bad

I’m going to predict that I will never have the need to visit O’Halloran Hill again.

Hank’s Bakery