I previously wrote about the Nutella-filled Doughnut from Maggio’s Café in Cammeray. Now it’s time to look at their Ricotta-filled Doughnut.

A good selection from Maggio’s

Of the three doughnuts from Maggio’s I’ve had, this one is the best.

There is a big blob of Ricotta, sitting mainly on top. Being ricotta, it gives the doughnut a real Sicilian-style about it, adding to the unique Italian-style dough.

It’s not too sweet, but the good dusting of sugar around it adds just the right amount of overall sweetness.

Ricotta on top – perfect

The ricotta has a smooth, creamy, custard-like consistency. It’s probably a bit thinner than you’d find in a canoli.

There is also a slice of candied orange on top, which adds to the visual appeal.


This one is a winner.

If you only have one doughnut from Maggio’s, make it the Ricotta Doughnut. But my recommendation is to have more than one.

Maggio’s Italian Bakery & Pasticceria