A beloved colleague decided she was moving on to greener pastures, and as a parting gift to those left behind, she brought in a dozen doughnuts from Dr Dough. This was my first exposure to the doughnuts from Dr Dough, although I have already posted a review of another one.

Dr Dough
Dr Dough – the logo

We decided to try them all, so they were cut into pieces for them all to be tested, analysed and assessed.

Doughnuts of every colour you could imagine stared back at us. And that Freddo frog head was just too creepy.

Dr Dough
We gave them all a try, even Freddo

Among them was a clear winner: the Apple Tarte Tatin.

Dr Dough
Clear winner

It’s an “apple and cinnamon filled donut, topped with salty caramel and pastry”.

Imagine a McDonald’s Hot apple pie as a doughnut. That appears to be the effect trying to be achieved.

It’s the crispy pastry on top and the distinctive taste of the apple filling.

Well worth a go.

Dr Dough
Doughnut menu for Dr Dough

Dr Dough