Cinnamon Doughnut @ Hot Dog Bar, West Lakes, Adelaide, SA

The cinnamon doughnut appears almost dead. I’m talking about the small ones, made in the fryer and rolled in cinnamon sugar that are nice and warm when you buy them.

If it weren’t for supermarkets that sell them in bulk, 6 per pack at least, you wouldn’t find them in too many other places.

However, I found a good one in Adelaide – West Lakes Westfield to be precise. West Lakes Westfield is fairly large and near the lake itself, and is a neighbour of AAMI Stadium.

In the official West Lakes Westfield directory, the outlet is called George’s Hot Dogs, but the sign says West Lakes Hot Dog Bar – so I’m not sure what happened to George.

Firstly, the service. The girl who served me was attentive and helpful, but the other was clearly avoiding work, turning away from me when it was her turn to serve. Or maybe I just have an unfriendly face.

I didn’t see any doughnuts around, but there was a sign advertising their prices on the counter. So, I asked Helpful Girl if there were any doughnuts and she said yes, how many do you want?

Right there and then, she cooked up three doughnuts for me. I was like a kid in Santa’s workshop. I watched them sizzle, keeping an eye on them to make sure they were cooked properly. I thought I might have to step in if the girl was momentarily distracted and overcooked them.

When I got them, they were piping hot. Too hot to eat. I had to let them cool a bit. But let’s face it, there are little better aromas than freshly cooked doughnuts. Why doesn’t someone make an air-freshener or a car deodoriser with the smell of freshly-cooked cinnamon doughnut? A million dollar idea right there.

When they had cooled and were ready to consume, I enjoyed them immensely. I found a bench in the shopping centre and happily gobbled down all three doughnuts and licked my fingers, not caring two hoots whether anyone was watching me.

They were light and moist and very airy. Perhaps a little too greasy.

But thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope little places like the Hot Dog Bar continue the tradition of making a good cinnamon doughnut, with or without George. They also sell hot dogs (obviously) and ice-cream.

Other places where doughnuts are sold at West Lakes Westfield include Coles, no doubt cooked instore that morning. I think Woolworths has some as well in their bakery section.

There is also a San Churro at West Lakes Westfield if you like over-priced churros.

Hot Dog Bar, West Lakes