Rum Fire, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
Which one will I choose?

It was a dark and dingy day when I made one of my many trips to the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park, but on this occasion I saw Rum Fire was selling doughnuts.

I’d been there before, many times in fact, but never a doughnut was to be seen. On this day, there was a small tray near the front, saying in their own doughnutty way, “Come and get me”.

Rum Fire, DomNuts
To protect the identity of the innocent, a doughnut face has been inserted

The service is always very average at Rum Fire. I don’t think anyone really wants to work there. I’m not sure why. It’s a nice place with good food and beverage options.

Rum Fire, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
The custard doughnut at Rum Fire

I chose from the small doughnut offering the custard one. The guy told me it was custard, but when I bit into it, it felt more like a soft vanilla icing. I’m sure I’ve had that ‘custard’ before somewhere, but I can’t recall where. Perhaps a cheap cannoli.

So, I wasn’t impressed by the custard.

The dough is okay. It has a small amount of sugar coating.

In all honesty, I won’t be rushing back for one of these.

Rum Fire

Rum Fire, Domnuts
Not so crazy about that custard