The best doughnuts I had during my recent trip to the beautiful New South Wales south coast were from Moist ‘n’ Glazed in Kiama. It’s a small shop tucked away from the main tourist shops, but well worth a visit.

They had lots of different doughnut options to choose from.

My Pineapple Doughnut was delicious. It reminded me of an old school pineapple doughnut – the one with glazing, not the one with the syrup coating.

The dough was fresh, soft and superb. I’m talking really good. Cooked perfectly and coated nicely with pineapple glazing. The dough didn’t leave a bitter after taste like some doughnuts can. Instead it was enjoyable to the last mouthful.

The glazing had that similar pineapple tang that the old pineapple doughnuts used to have. There was a good amount of coating too.

Before you go, make sure you check their opening hours. I got there before 10am and needed to kill some time. I had no choice but to take in the views of magnificent Kiama beach. The place is simply stunning.

My photos were taken sometime after I bought them, so the glazing was a bit damaged.

Moist ‘n’ Glazed