On a recent trip to Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands near Mittagong, I stopped on the way for a pie and doughnut at Samuel Gee’s. They have award banners and certificates all over the shop so I guessed they must be good.

They had a small selection of doughnuts and I chose a Caramel Iced one.

I also got a meat pie and it was pretty darn good.

I asked the girl serving me if the doughnuts were made there, and she said they were. But she didn’t know the price off the top of her head and had to ask someone. That’s always a bit of a worry, because they can be a bit fluid with the pricing, depending on whether they like the look of you or not.

The doughnut had a thick coating of caramel icing on top. It certainly dominated the doughnut eating experience.

The dough was very dense. Much denser than your average doughnut. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just unusual. It had a cake/bread type texture and flavour.

It was a very nice doughnut. As I said, different to your average doughnut with quite a heavy dough, but still enjoyable. It’s a shame they only do the standard kids’ flavours.

Samuel Gee’s Pies and Pastries