I’ve been to Wollongong Central shopping plaza many times, but I have never seen Crown Donuts, who are tucked away on the top floor. The store never came up on my Google searches of doughnuts in Wollongong. So when I saw it recently, I thought it must have been a new outlet. However, when I asked the woman serving if they recently opened, she said no.

Anyway, I got there early one morning for some nice hot cinnamon doughnuts. They weren’t ready. I went for a walk. I came back. Still not ready. I waited. Some locals came by and chatted to the staff, clearly holding them up from doing their job, like making the doughnuts for which I was waiting. I really wanted to shoo them away, but I kept my head.

Finally some hot cinnamon doughnuts came out and I bought some.

They were not the prettiest doughnuts, but that never matters. It’s all about the taste.

And they tasted very good.

The outer shell was a little crispy. They were a little oily, but only as you’d expect a freshly cooked hot cinnamon doughnut to be. They were cooked right through, which is good, because often you get freshly cooked doughnuts that aren’t cooked properly. Also, there was no unpleasant oily after-taste.

Crown Donuts is in Wollongong Central on the top floor. Well worth the journey. Nice people too.

Crown Donuts