A good friend of mine, Eddie, who is also a fellow doughnut aficianado, tried the Hot Cross Bun Doughnut at Short Stop’s Darling Square outlet. He was going to the new Cinnabon store, but the queue was too long, so did Short Stop instead, which is probably what a lot of people end up doing when they see the Cinnabon queue.

It was just before Easter and I guess the Hot Cross Bun Doughnut was a limited edition flavour.

In case you don’t know, Darling Square is in Sydney next to China Town, where the Entertainment Centre used to be.

His verdict on the doughnut:
It’s pretty much a Hot Cross Bun in doughnut form with a light cover of icing. I liked that it was not too heavy or sweet.

I haven’t heard of any other place doing a Hot Cross Bun Doughnut, so well done to Short Stop for doing something a bit different.

I love a good Hot Cross Bun so I would have liked to try the doughnut form. It looks great, but I notice that there aren’t any raisins in it. Nonetheless, I’ll watch out for it next year.

Thanks to Eddie for letting me know about the doughnut, and photos are courtesy of Eddie.

Short Stop