As usual, there is no shortage of doughnuts available at the Easter Show. But you should know that there is a huge variation in quality. If you’re not fussy and are in desperate need of a doughnut-fix, just go for the first one you come to. But if you’re discerning about your doughnuts, here’s your ultimate guide.

Berliner Bakery
One of the best doughnut makers in Sydney is back again at the Show, but not without having to put up a fight. They were originally unwanted this year by the Easter Show powers-that-be, but the Berliner people lobbied hard and won back their spot. They are in the pavilion next to the Dome.

San Valentino
Right next to Berlina is San Valentino, who sell various Italian sweet and savoury items. They have Italian canoli-style doughnuts called Zuccherati, filled with custard or ricotta.

Hot Cinnamon Donut Puffs
An Easter Show regular, Hot Cinnamon Donut Puffs have cups of doughnut balls freshly fried. They are in the Woolworths Dome.

I Love Schnit
This place advertises the Elvis Burger, with a chicken schnitzel between two doughnuts. The trouble is that when you look for the burger on their list of what’s available, it’s not listed. So I don’t know if they actually sell it or just have a poster for it. They are in the Neon Alley.

I Love Gelato & Shakes
This place has a neon sign that says they have doughnuts, but with a closer look, there aren’t any doughnuts there – just gelato an shakes. They are in the Neon Alley.

I Love Churros
Also in the Neon alley is I Love Churros. They have lots of handcrafted churros for sale.

Waffle Popz
You can get 3 hot jam filled doughnuts or you can get the same thing loaded – see the sign. They sell other sweets too.

Donut Stop
In the area called The Stables is Donut Stop. I got one of these last year and didn’t enjoy it. They sell individual doughnuts or bowls with loaded doughnuts.

Not a doughnut, but I have to mention that Cinnabon are at the Easter Show for the first time this year in the Showbag Pavilion. They recently set up a store in Sydney, and this is their Easter Show outlet. They don’t sell the full range at the Easter Show. All they have are mini versions. I got an original one and was thoroughly disappointed. Having had Cinnabon in America, the one I got left a lot to be desired. The famous cream cheese frosting was almost non-existent. Such a let-down.

The Gelato Factory
The Gelato Factory returns to the Show, and again they have a token doughnut in the window. I think it forms part of a dish with gelato. It’s hard to say.

Hot Donuts & Coffee Caravan
Another Show regular, the Caravan is usually busy, but on a day that they should have been busy, they weren’t. You can get freshly made cinnamon doughnuts to go with your coffee.

Dicky’s Donuts
Here’s a new one at the Show. I had read about the stand and so I searched for it, expecting something a little grander than what I found. It is in the kids’ carnaval area. They sell cinnamon and filled doughnuts – but be warned, the filled doughnuts aren’t filled. They’re merely a cinnamon doughnut with four blobs of jam on top, so you’re paying a dollar extra for a dash of flavour. Let me tell you about the service – absolutely horrible. Dear god, how do these people survive in life when they are so bad at simple things like being polite to customers? There were three young girls serving. One chose to completely ignore me. The other stepped in and asked me for my order. I asked for a filled doughnut. What filling did I want, she asked. I asked what the choices were. She rattled off the three options: Nutella, caramel and jam. I asked for jam. She got it, handed it to me, all without a hint of politeness, friendliness, gratitude, happiness and any shred of personality whatsoever. No ‘thank you’, no nothing. Just shoved the doughnut my way and went back to chatting to the other girls. The Show has just begun and these girls are already over it. I know getting good staff is difficult at the moment, but they are earning a wage and have the responsibility of representing the business in a positive and professional manner. Sure it’s just a doughnut stand, but to someone it’s a business. Disgraceful service. The doughnut was okay, but I’m still pissed off that the filled doughnut wasn’t filled. And what about the sign at the top: See them being made. Oh no you’re not. It’s impossible given the height of the stand and the position of the doughnut making machine. One big disappointment.

The Candy Castle
Back at the Show and selling the same hot jam-filled doughnuts. They’re okay.

Bean Drinkin’
Bean Drinkin’ is a coffee stand that I believe is new this year. They have jam-filled doughnuts that seem commercially made.

Carousel Cafe
Here, you’ll get typical carnival food, including Oreo Churros. That’s not something I’d fancy.

Antonio Sabia Dessert Bar
There’s a laneway at the Show where all the food outlets seem to have something on a stick. The Antonio Sabia Dessert Bar doesn’t, but it has things that seem very sweet, including something called da Bomb Donut.

Wood Fired Pizza
In the same laneway as the place above is a Wood Fired Pizza outlet. Strangely, they also sell doughnuts, which are commercially made.

Cattle Lawns Cafe and Bar
Also selling commercially made doughnuts is the Cattle Lawns Cafe and Bar.