I like jelly beans, as long as they’re good quality ones. So I tried the Donut Shoppe ones from Jelly Belly.

It seems everyone is making a doughnut flavoured version of their products. I guess it’s a way to get people to try your product.

I know Jelly Belly have been doing doughnut flavoured jelly beans for a while.

The ones I got came in small packets of 28g each.

So what are they like?

Before I ate them I divided them up into the flavours indicated on the back of the packet:
Chocolate Glazed
Apple Filled
Strawberry Iced
Blueberry Cake

Some were very similar in colour, but I think I divided them up correctly. I noticed there was only one of the Glazed flavoured ones.

While they all tasted different, it was difficult to detect the flavour they were meant to be. The Chocolate Glazed was the easiest but the others were a struggle to notice the flavour.

Having said that, they were very nice jelly beans, as you would expect from Jelly Belly. They were all quite sweet, especially the Strawberry Iced flavour.

So the bottom line is that they are nice as jelly beans. It’s something you’d expect from Jelly Belly, who have been making jelly beans since 1869, and have produced probably hundreds of different flavours.

Jelly Belly