I need to say up front that this story regarding the history of Krispy Kreme in Australia is one that I cannot prove or disprove. My source is generally reliable but I no longer keep in contact with that person and can’t elaborate on it other than what I’m about to tell you.

In case you are not aware, Krispy Kreme set up its first store outside of North America in Penrith in Sydney’s west on 19 June 2003. Before the opening, naturally there was a lot of work done to ensure it went smoothly.

My source, who says that they worked for Krispy Kreme in Australia before the launch, helped set up and establish the business in Australia.

So, here’s the secret: my contact told me that the team, I assume a sort of research and development team, worked on adjusting the original recipe.

They spent some time perfecting a recipe that would be different to the American one, I assume in order to be different and perhaps appeal to the Australian market. Perhaps the available ingredients weren’t the same between countries. I really don’t know the reason.

Frankly, I find the idea nuts that they would think they could adjust a recipe that was set in stone in America. It’s like trying to tweak the KFC secret herbs and spices. And they obviously didn’t alert the American head office that they wanted to change the recipe until they had settled on something they thought would work.

I also find it crazy that America wasn’t keeping a close eye on the team who were setting up a shop for the very first time outside of North America.

Naturally, when the head office heard about the change of recipe, they said no. The Australian team was made to use the original recipe. Surely the only ones who would be surprised by that was the Australian team.

So, I can’t be sure if it is actually true or a fanciful story made up by a person I used to know, but as I said, that person is honest and not one to make up stories.

If you can shed any further light on this story, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comments section below.