There is a little shopping village in Caringbah South that has among its few shops a popular bakery known as The Family Bakehouse. I can’t tell you much about this place, but the food they make and sell is all very nice and reasonably priced.

At this point I will add that I had a meat pie and it was the sweetest meat pie I have ever had in the many I have eaten over the years. Probably a bit too sweet. The sausage roll my daughter had was the same.

Something that you would expect to be sweet was the doughnut I got, which was a jam ball doughnut.

It was good value and tasted pretty good.

The jam was thick and rich and had no seeds which means it’s commercially-made apple puree rather than genuine strawberry or raspberry jam. The amount of jam was just right, with some injected into the centre and a dollop on top.

It had a light coating of cinnamon sugar. The dough was firm on the outside and nicely chewy on the inside.

The family Bakehouse had other doughnuts, incluyding chocolate iced, caramel iced and cinnamon. They also had other tempting sweets, including a good ole finger bun.

The Family Bakehouse