Gerringong is a small coastal town on the NSW south coast. It’s a place where surfers love to hang out. For the first time in my life, I recently visitied this lovely town.

I walked into the Gerringong Bakery & Cafe where I noticed a few doughnuts. They looked imperfect, which to me actually means perfect. It means they are homemade or at least baked right there at the bakery. Which is exactly what I look for in my quest to find great doughnuts.

They didn’t have many doughnuts on display. In fact they didn’t have too much of anything on display, even though it was quite a good sized bakery.

I asked the friendly girl who served me if the doughnuts were made there. And she told me they certainly were. Excellent. I’ll take one.

I got a Custard and Caramel-filled Doughnut. They had jam ones there too, but since I have never had a doughnut that had custard and caramel together, I thought I had better try it.

It was good.

There wasn’t a whole lot of filling, but the combination of custard and caramel was very nice. Quite sweet, but nice. The dough was nicely cooked. It had a coating of caster sugar. I’m sure you can see by the photos that it is imperfectly shaped, which is lovely to me.

Go to Gerringong. Go to the bakery.

Gerringong Bakery & Cafe