Miss Sina is a popular little cafe that makes their own pastries in a tucked away section of Marrickville. One thing to be aware of about Miss Sina – everything is vegan.

I’m not vegan, but I do admire and respect the vegan philosophy.

I heard their bee sting is amazing, and their cinnamon scroll looked pretty good too, but I opted for a doughnut that looked out of this world. It was a Strawberry Macaron Doughnut.

I’m guessing that it is not a regular item on their menu.

From what I read on their website, everything is made from scratch. This doughnut had quite a few elements to it, so at $9 a pop, I think it was worth a try. I believe that is the most I have ever paid for a single doughnut.

I’m pleased to say it was an exceptional doughnut.

Let’s start with the dough.

It was a pinkish colour. It had a unique texture and flavour. It was spongy-soft with just a hint of sweeetness. It was nicely cooked, being a great base that complemented all the other elements of the doughnut.

Inside was some vegan cream and homemade jam. The jam wasn’t overly sweet and was a bit tart. A very nice filling for a sweet doughnut.

There was also cream plopped on top which was acting as an adhesive for the next elements, that being a strawberry macaron and a piece of fresh strawberry. The macaron was flat so it didn’t have a lot of meringue, but was still very nice. The doughnut also had a dusting of soft sugar.

Whether you are vegan or not, this was a great doughnut with loads of contrasting flavours and textures.

Miss Sina