Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t really want to. And I didn’t really want to try a doughnut that boasted how few calories it had. But I figured I need to try it for the benefit of my loyal and dedicated fans and followers.

So, it’s a Chocolate Flavoured Donut from a brand called Fibre One. On close inspeciton of the box, Fibre One is a sub-brand of US food company General Mills.

The box contains 4 little doughnuts, each indivdually wrapped.

It has little pieces of something on top, that represent sprinkles. I think it would look too plain without them.

At first bite, you get this feeling of tons of chocolate flavour. But as it moves further in your mouth, the flavour somehow dimishes. Not completely, but suddenly it doesn’t feel as chocoately.

It’s soft and not too sweet. It’s really just low-fat cake in the shape of a doughnut.

It’s only small. I wolfed it down in 2 bites and I don’t have a particularly big gob.

The ingredients do include sugar, but I’m guessing not much. The Nutritional Information on the back of the box reveals that it has 3% sugar or 2.6g per doughnut.

I count a total of 31 ingredients. That’s a lot for a little doughnut.

By the way, there is a strawberry flavoured version too.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re craving a doughnut and have a dietry or weight problem, then yes, it’s a suitable alternative. As for a substitue for a real doughnut, not really.

Fibre One does lots of other boxed low-calorie sweets. You get them from supermarkets.

Fibre One