XS Espresso is a pretty popular cafe down Gregory Hills way. They have other outlets around Sydney, but I have only been to the one at Gregory Hills, which is near Campbelltown.

Some of their ‘Signature Shakes’ involve doughnuts.

Have a look at this one – it’s the Golden Gaytime Shake.

On their menu it is described as: Caramel, vanilla crumble and coffee shake, topped with golden gaytime doughnuts.

That description plays it down a bit.

It’s actually quite a work of art. And it has 2 doughnuts on top. It has chocolate and white chocolate dripping all over it that solidifies down the glass. There’s crushed nuts and chocolate bits and cream and just about anything else you can think of.

Visually, it’s spectacular. it tastes alright too. But it’s a bit difficult to consume.

The food is pretty good at XS Espresso. I suppose that’s why it’s popular.

XS Espresso