If you’re heading north to escape Sydney for the holidays, drop into Heatherbrae’s Pies at Raymond Terrace for lunch or a snack.

It’s just a shed on the side of the road, but the outdoor signs should give you good warning that you’re not far away.

For us doughnut lovers, Heatherbrae’s Pies has a small range of doughnuts. They do cinnamon, chocolate iced or strawberry iced.

I got to try the cinnamon doughnut. My daughter brought it back for me on her return trip from a coastal break.

Now, I got it several hours after she bought it, and was just in your average white paper bag, which isn’t the best way to transport doughnuts. With that in mind, I was prepared for something that was no longer at its peak.

I’m pleased to say it was still most enjoyable.

It was quite a firm doughnut. It was a little bigger than your average cinnamon doughnut. It had a light coating of cinnamon sugar. Importantly, it didn’t leave that sour aftertaste that some cinnamon doughnuts can do, which I’m pretty sure is caused by the quality of the oil it’s cooked in.

I’m sure straight out of the fryer this doughnut would be very delicious.

And my daughter said the gluten-free meat pie was an absolute winner.

It’s tempting to fly past Heatherbrae’s Pies on your journey. But the quality of their food is worth the stop. It’s about 2 hours north of Sydney.

Heatherbrae’s Pies