Mama’s Kiwi donuts at Minto seems to be a bit of a secret in the Macarthur area. It’s in a spot that not many people go to, but it really is a great place to get doughnuts.

They also sell cooked Polynesian food on the other side of the store.

There are lots of doughnuts to choose from. Almost all of them have cream.

I got the Spiced Cinnamon Apple Filled Donut with Fresh Cream & Custard. That’s a mouthful… literally.

It was very nice. One of the things I noticed about it was that the apple was home cooked.

Usually, doughnut palces will use tinned stewed apple. But this apple was clearly home cooked.

It was covered in cinnamon sugar, which again I detected to be home blended rather than being one that is bought commercially prepared.

There was a fair bit of cream on top and in the middle.

It also had a line of custard on top.

A great doughnut – a little bit different. Not too sweet. And a great blend of flavours.

Remember, Mama’s Kiwi Donuts in Minto is only open Thursday to Sunday.

Mama’s Kiwi Donuts