I consider myself lucky. I am not gluten-intolerant. Which is good for someone who writes a blog about doughnuts.

The good news for those that are gluten intolerant is that as the gluten-free product range expands, it is also improving in quality. And that includes doughnuts.

G-Free is one of the makers of quality gluten-free doughnuts.

While I’ve had their doughnuts before, I recently tried their doughnut with caramel topping, and I was impressed.

The doughnut was slightly crispy on the outside for that just-fried taste. Inside, it was soft and fresh. It had a generous coating of cinnamon sugar.

The caramel topping was good too, being slightly runny and gave the doughnut a different flavour from simply being cinnamon.

I wonder what other people who aren’t gluten-intolerant think when they see gluten-free doughnuts. Do they avoid them, or try them anyway?

I can vouch for G-Free – their doughnuts are good.