Firstly, if you’re American and you’ve stumbled across this blog, it’s about a bakery in Sydney, Australia that has an American name. We do that sort of thing in Australia – exploit American names for marketing purposes. You are more than welcome to stay, of course, but you might be wasting your time, because I doubt that Brooklyn Boy Bagels delivers anywhere near Brooklyn.

So, if you’re still reading, I’d like to tell you about the PB&J Donut I got from Brooklyn Boy Bagels… in Sydney. More specifically, it was at the Cambridge Markets in the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. If you’re English and looking for markets in Cambridge, England, same thing, you’re in the wrong place.

This is getting confusing and off topic.

Brooklyn Boy Bagels sells things apart from bagels, including a small range of doughnuts. Based in Marrickville, they appear at several weekend markets around the Sydney area. You can also find their wares in a few shops in Sydney, but I’m going to guess that you’ll only find their bagels at those outlets.

At the Cambridge Markets, I got the PB&J Donut.

Here’s how they describe the doughnut on their website:
Square peanut butter and jelly (jam) donut. Crunchy peanut coating with a piping of Drunken Sailor’s rose & strawberry jam.

Drunken Sailor is a brand that makes jams and preserves. I’m impressed that Brooklyn Boy Bagels tells you what jam they use. I’m also impressed that they use a quality jam made from real ingredients.

My doughnut had peanut butter icing with crushed nuts and an unidentified red powder on top, which I’m pleased to say wasn’t paprika.

The filling, as mentioned above, was real jam.

The dough was very nice.

All round, it was a nice doughnut, especially if you like the peanut butter and jam combination. It was very sweet and would be good with a coffee.

One thing I did notice was that on their website, they have a picture of the PB&J Donut as a square with a hole in the middle. Mine was round-shaped and didn’t have a hole. It doesn’t matter much – just pointing out a fact. In fact, without a hole probably meant I got more doughnut for my dollar. Win!

Brooklyn Boy Bagels